Go down in history by organizing the first russian interview with Elon Musk*
An organizer will be rewarded by Porsche car
*Elon Musk is a significant businessman, a founder of SpaceX company producing Tesla electric cars and space tech

How to participate?

Contact Elon Musk
By Instagram, Twitter, email. Or call his press secretary.
Organize the meeting
Arrange a private interview with Musk. Any place. Any time.
Get your Porsche
You will get the car just after a live interview with Elon Musk.

Are you serious? Porsche for an interview with Elon Musk?

Exactly. Watch this video for details.
I have a dream to interview Elon Musk.
I have a dream to interview Elon Musk.
Why him? This is the man who inspires me everyday by his level of thinking and by his immensity. I think he is one of the most influental businessmen of the world. He’s making history right now by making Tesla - available and mass electric cars - and by launching reusable rockets into space in SpaceX.
Seems that the first russian interview with Elon Musk will inspire us businessmen for great decisions. I want you to help me with the interview or make so much people knowing about it as possible.
See details at porsche4musk.com and use #PorscheForMusk hashtag.
Together we’ll bring this crazy idea to life.

The car is already waiting for you

Look for it at the streets of Ekaterinburg


Yes, it’s nearly impossible. Just like to get Porsche for free.
But let’s try.


Write Elon a Direct message. Tell him about the game. Maybe it’s your message that will be noticed and answered.


Maybe you have a friend from Tesla? Or it is a friend of a friend? Or it is a friend of a friend of a friend?


Try to find his email and write him. Damn boy, we’ve already found his address for you –ElonMuskOffice@TeslaMotors.com. The thing is to write.


Send your CV to Tesla and tell Elon about the game during the job interview. Actually, we doubt that you’ll need a Porsche after employment


You can try to contact Musk by Twitter. Be careful - they say you’ll be banned by mentioning him


Go to the USA. Get the SpaceX excursion. Find Musk
«Я мог либо наблюдать, как это происходит, либо быть частью этого»
Илон Маск


How long is the event?
It takes 2 months from the 14th of September till 15th of November 2018
What if nobody organizes the interview?

Nobody wins
How will you define the winner?
The winner is the person that arranges for a private interview with Elon Musk. In case of some succeed but not clearly, we’ll give it to a random participant using the random number generator
Can I participate if I’m not from Ekaterinburg?
No, it’s all over the world. We’ll bring your prize anywhere
Are you really going to give a Porsche Cayenne? Does it go?
Absolutely. The car of 2010 production year is fully operational
I’ll change my name to Elon Musk and make an interview. Can I get the prize?
The prize will be given for a real interview with a real Musk

Arranged for a meeting?

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